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In the field below note the number of technicians employed in your company. We identify technicians as any staff member who performs work that can be billed to a customer.

Provide the hourly rate your technicians bill your customers with. If you work with different hourly rates, please enter the average hourly rate.

According to our experience, most technicians do not capture the "5 minute or less jobs" throughout the course of the day. They justify this by stating that the documentation takes longer than the work itself. So in the context of your own business, to what extent is the following statement true for your company?

Please arrange your statement on a scale between (1) "Fully agree" to (5) "Strongly disagree".

5 minute jobs are never documented in our company.

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You are currently losing money ever day because those 5-minute (or less) jobs are not being documented. Based on our years of experience and the information you supplied, you have a daily loss of about Euro.

TANSS® is designed to optimize and organize your entire IT service. TANSS® helps you to capture previously undocumented jobs quickly and easily, thereby increasing the turnover of your company.


You are among the few IT service providers who actually record those very small jobs. Nevertheless, in these cases, the documentation effort is often greater than the work itself. TANSS® helps you to capture every job quickly and easily. Our service management solution is designed to optimize and better organize your entire IT service.

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