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Manage servers, PCs, peripherals and hardware assets

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Manage your own and customer's devices intelligently

Imagine being able to see all the information from your own and/or customer devices at a glance, see all the open support tickets for a device directly, and know immediately which technician worked on that device most recently. This is exactly what TANSS® Assets module makes possible. With TANSS® having all the device information in one place ensures you have an overview of the master data and support history for any and all devices.

TANSS Modul - Geräteverwaltung Screenshot

Manage device master data

Complete device histories

Detailed device documentation

Comprehensive device data sheets

The TANSS® Assets module provides everything you need for optimal and complete management of servers, PCs, peripherals and components - all in one place! Here you always have the perfect overview of all device information, such as access data, documents, remarks, IP addresses, operating system, assigned service packs and much more. In addition, you always keep track of accrued service costs, guarantees and warranty information. With this information you can always keep your customers aware of the status before it becomes an issue.

Device management with service contracts - a powerful combination

In the age of full and managed service contracts, it's more important than ever to have the ability to define service contracts at the device level. TANSS® offers you the possibility to define which devices are part of the contract, including appropriate service types and response times. This allows TANSS® to automatically decide whether a job is part of the contract and will open a ticket with the correct response time.

TANSS Modul - Geräteverwaltung Screenshot

The clever QR code solution for on-site jobs

By labeling every device with a QR code, technicians can scan the code with the TANSS®App, which displays the complete device history within the App. To make it even more efficient, the technician starts the App's Timer, which will begin capturing the time spent working on that device. Once the job is completed, the App presents the customer with an itemized invoice. The customer can then sign off the completed job immediately via the Signature feature within the App.

Device information available wherever you are