TANSS Module - Eskalationsverwaltung Symbol


Control all aspects of how escalations are handled

Eskalationsverwaltung TANSS-Modul

Automate ticket escalations based on customizable rules

With the TANSS® Escalation module emails can be triggered based on rules that you define. For example, a ticket can be escalated based on a reaction time breech or ticket delivery deadline.

Create single or multi-level rules for ticket escalation

Trigger escalations according to definable variables

Individually configure options for the escalation email

Define the initiation and escalation parameters

First, set the start parameters for each type of ticket and determine which tickets the escalation chain will use. You can then set different levels of escalation, plus define when the escalation actions are triggered. You can direct emails to specific users or groups, regardless of their hierarchy.

Never miss another ticket deadline