TANSS Module - Mail-Roboter Symbol

Mail Robot

Automate more of your IT service business

Mail-Roboter TANSS-Modul

Automate the processing of your incoming emails

Many businesses have processes that are tiresome and time consuming. With the TANSS® Mail Robot module, many of these processes can be fully automated.

This module allows you to configure rules that allows TANSS® Tickets module to automatically create tickets from any incoming email.

Process emails and automate managed services

Pair monitoring systems directly with TANSS®

Automatic ticket processing and job capture creation


Automate your backup checklist

The Mail Robot module, in combination with the Service Contracts module, offers you a powerful tool for the automation of your managed services. In this common scenario, you have agreed with your customer to carry out a daily data backup test for certain devices. Here is how your workflow would look:

  1. Configure your monitoring system to work with TANSS®
  2. The monitoring system sends an email stating that "Data backup has been successful"
  3. The email is processed by TANSS®
  4. The daily task "Check data backup" will be marked as completed
  5. This is automatically documented as a completed job in TANSS®
  6. If however the monitoring system reports an error, a ticket will be opened in TANSS®
  7. Better yet, if the system does not receive an email within 24 hours, a different ticket will be created for technicians to act

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