TANSS Module - Massen-Ticket Symbol

Master Ticket

Manage a large volume of tickets centrally

Massen-Ticket TANSS

Edit a group of tickets easily with a few simple clicks

Streamline the workflow for technicians by creating bulk tickets via this module's in depth filter features. This allows multiple tickets to be opened, administered and edited centrally in one place. Change assignments, ticket states, or due dates - all in one click.

Massen-Ticket Nachricht

Create ticket groups via filter features

Manage a mass of tickets centrally

Bulk mail to ticket owners

Make TANSS® do the heavy lifting

For example: You need to inform 150 customers with the ABC software license about a new update. You want to create an appointment to install the update on every machine.
To begin with, use the filters to display a list of all customers using this software. Using the Master Ticket module, you create a bulk ticket (consisting of 150 tickets) for these companies. Next, write an email for your bulk ticket to the company contacts. Only 100 customers respond, so you can assign these 100 tickets to the Technical Department with one click and set the ticket status to "in progress". For the other 50 tickets that did not respond, you can now close with one click.

Work faster and more efficiently