TANSS Module - Projekt-System Symbol


An intuitive tool for organizing, managing and evaluating projects

Manage projects efficiently

TANSS® Projects module offers everything you need to plan, execute and control your project successfully, in one place. TANSS® differentiates between project tickets, project phases and project sub-tickets. The intelligent interaction allows you to define service limits, cost estimates, flat rates and much more for both the overall project (project tickets) and the individual project steps (project sub-tickets).

Organize tickets in project phases

Define project roles for employees

View in detail schedule and costs

TANSS - Projekt-Ticket

Detailed statistics on schedule and costs

The module provides a clear overview of estimated versus actual time spent, along with a simple structure for evaluating total costs. The detailed statistics provide information for the entire project, but can be broken down to the individual project phases and all sub-tickets.

Clearly define the project team's responsibilities

The role assignments feature, with a detailed permissions structure, you can provide very specific task responsibilities. This ensures that responsibilities and deliverables are always assigned to the correct staff member.

Run IT projects in a structured manner