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Ticket workflows according to defined IT standards

TANSS - Prozesse

Structure and standardize IT service processes

TANSS®Workflows module makes it possible to adjust task checklists dynamically and according to the ticket requirements. This provides the customer with a well defined workflow according to predefined IT standards. This flexibility allows you to create individual processes for your specific ticket types, such as incidents, change management or service requests.

Completely automate ticket workflows

Implement approval processes

Use ad hoc checklists in tickets

Ticket workflows

A process can be initiated either manually or automatically. This is accomplished by either selecting the process to be used or assigning the process to a specific ticket type. TANSS®Workflows are a combination of technician checklists and a fully automatic ticket event. For example; the assigned employee/department, due date, ticket status (and much more) can be assigned to automatically change depending on the defined process stage. Additionally, the system allows multi-selection fields to be used, meaning the process can branch into different processes, depending on the action taken.

Design and implement ITIL-based processes yourself

Design and implement ITIL-based processes yourself

Example: Change Management

Example: Change Management

Ticket approvals and approvals by the customer

Ticket approvals and approvals by the customer

Ad hoc checklists and processes

This module offers flexibility whilst standardizing workflows. TANSS®Workflows makes it possible to define and customize checklists, workflows individually and on a ticket-specific basis.

Design and implement ticket processes