TANSS Module - Telefonie Symbol

Phone Connect

Include phone calls directly into the daily activities timeline

Telefonie TANSS-Modul

Quickly convert telephone calls into billable time

Telephony integration ensures that all telephone calls are now fully documented. By displaying the calls in the employee timeline and in the call lists, conversations can be quickly and easily converted into services rendered.

Quickly and easily turn calls into billable hours

List and document all telephone calls

Important customer details displayed via popup

During a call, relevent information is displayed

Telefonie TANSS-Modul

Review all telephone calls to discover if all have been documented

Telefonie TANSS-Modul

With the support of SQL-capable telephone systems, calls are automatically recorded in TANSS®

  • Support is available for the following telephone systems: CYTEL, Asterisk, Starface, Skype4 Business, nfon, Teamfon and SWYX, as well as other SQL-capable telephone systems
  • Support for the following Middleware: Estos Pro Call as of V.3.0

Convert all phone calls to billable time