TANSS Module - Vertragsworkflow


Digitize contract workflows

Confirm contracts online and digitally

TANSS® Contract workflows module makes it possible to conclude contract documents via digital interaction. These include contracts for data processing agreements and maintenance/managed service contracts as well as other contractual agreements, such as general terms and conditions or terms of use and license terms.

  • PDF creation
  • Documentation of the process
  • Online confirmation process
  • Drafting the agreement details by email

Data protection: online contract creation via email interaction

Complete contract agreement conditions electronically

Confirm maintenance contracts quickly and conveniently

Contract conclusion fully automated

Let your customers easily conclude contracts electronically in either 1 or 2 step process:

Initial mail

Dear Sir or Madam,

We have drawn up a contract agreement and made it available to you at the following location:

Provide personal information and review

Please complete your details and indicate the person authorized to sign.

Company data
Authorized persons / departments (for Data protection contracts)
Person authorized to sign

Mail to authorized signatories

Dear Mr. Mustermann,

We have written up the contract and made it available to you online. Please check and confirm the terms using the following link:

Confirmation by authorized signatory

By clicking on the "Agree contract" button, you confirm that you have checked the contract, agree to it and are authorized to sign.

Mail with confirmed contract agreement attached

Dear Mr. Mustermann,

We appreciate you taking the time to approve the attached contract. We have logged your consent by using the date 06.07.2020, time 15:58 and IP address XXX.XX.XX.XX.

Verträge digital abbilden und verwalten