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Service Contracts

Maintenance contracts, full service contracts & prepaid quotas

TANSS - Wartungsvertrag UI

Automatically calculate and manage different contract models

TANSS® Service Contracts module provides structure for all your IT service contracts - from contract creation to billing. Once configured, it is a fully automated system that decides which individual contract definitions are applicable. For IT business owners or IT managers, comprehensive statistics and analysis options provide you with an up-to-date picture of the profitability of your IT service contracts at all times.

Calculate all aspects of your contracts

Review in real time statistics and contract values

Define unique values for each contract

Feature rich flexibility for contract creation and definition

Flexibly define which devices, support locations, and/or service types are part of your maintenance and IT service contracts. Define contract-specific hourly rates, rounding parameters and reaction times. Manage contract duration, cancellation/renewal periods, and much more. This module offers you all the functionalities to create even complex contract models and automatically decides whether the service is part of a contract based on the individual contract definitions for the completed job.

TANSS - Wartungsvertrag

Statistics and reports

TANSS - Prepaid-Kontingents
How many hours of a prepaid quota are still available?
TANSS - Full-Service-Verträge
Are the full-service contracts profitably priced?
TANSS - Verträgen
Which contracts make the most money?

TANSS® provides you with the answers.

Managed Services - organize recurring tasks

Whether it's daily data backups, the regular import of service packs or even the monthly processing of a specific IT checklist for each customer, TANSS®Service Contracts module makes it easy to manage, process and document all recurring tasks.

Manage IT service contracts easily