TANSS® is a product of HUCK IT GmbH

Let's turn back the clock to the year 1988: Our company is founded as an IT service company for the mid-market companies. Over the next 20 years, we implemented our comprehensive IT solutions to a variety of customers. As time passed, our internal processes were becoming increasingly complex. We needed a tool to improve our IT offerings. We wanted to automate transparent work flows, business processes and increase our service quality. And all this with steady growth! Since we could not find a suitable product on the market at that time, we decided to develop our own solution. At this point in time, it was not our goal to become a software vendor.

However, as other IT business owners became aware of our solution at the end of 2006, they wanted to use it in their own company. We decided to explore the possibility of making our software available to more companies. That was the start of the initial sales period. So we needed a name for our software: Transparency Analysis Notification Solution Service - abbreviated to TANSS® (Incidentally, the name came from a bike ride and after one or two beers). During the initial years, we expanded the features for TANSS® as sales began to accelerate as word spread. TANSS® is now the software of choice for over 650 IT-Unternehmen  through out Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our Team

Our Philosophy


We not only want to meet the demands of our customers, we want to exceed them. That's why we set the highest quality standards for TANSS® and our work. This is reflected in our customers rating our service very highly.

Customer Benefits

The goal is for our customers to achieve competitive advantages and added value through the use of TANSS® that far exceeds the price of the software. We want satisfied customers who advocate for our product.


TANSS® is designed to improve the performance of our customers over the long term. The relationship with our customers is key to a mutually beneficial partnership. In other words, your success is our success.