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TANSS® is the service management solution

With increasingly tough market conditions and competition, it is important to foster credibility with your customers. This forms the foundation of a great working relationship, which we believe to be a decisive factor for success in business.

Our success is your success - speak with us to learn how, or read what our customers say.

Software for IT champions

With TANSS® you create service transparency with your customers, increase the productivity of your service technicians and thus better quality of your service.

This leads to a significant increase in customer and employee trust, thus sparking a better working dynamic.

If you identify with our business philosophy and implement it in yourself, you will realize your business's potential.

Dashboard - TANSS-Modul
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Flexible from the ground up

TANSS® consists of 18 modules, which together, form a powerful tool. Each module can be individually integrated to adapt the software to growing business needs.

The Service Desk is the starting point for working with the software by providing foundational functionality. The software can then be expanded by adding modules that are tailored to your specific business needs.


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